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Air Top Evo 3900
– Compact and powerful

Especially powerful, compact and quiet, this boat heater is suitable for the most demanding applications.


3 heaters in 1 with the new Air Top Evo controller! Available as an upgrade for all Webasto Air Top Evo heaters. Multi-mode operation for adaptation to your individual heat output requirements: ECO mode for reduced electric consumption, power mode PLUS for +10% more heat output (from 3,500 W to 3,900 W and from 5,000 W to 5,500 W) and ventilation mode to supply fresh, cold air to the interior on hot days.
Air Top Evo 3900
Fuel consumption control range
0,17 - 0,42 l/h
Nominal power consumption control range
15 - 36 W
5,9 kg
L x W x H (mm)
425 x 148 x 148 mm
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