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Air Top 2000 ST


The whisper boat heater – the smallest air heating system on the market. Extremely economi-cal, it features good heat output.

With the
Air Top standard controller, you can turn all Air Top air heating systems on and off as well as setting the desired temperature using a continuously variable selector.

Expert recommendation:
Air Top Marine-Kit
In order to offer you ultimate comfort, we not only supply you with high-quality products but also provide all required accessories in a kit. Our air heating systems are supplied with a cable harness, tank extractor, dosage pump, exhaust silencer and all hoses and hardware required for installation, including boat mounting bracket.

Air Top 2000 ST
Fuel consumption control range
0,12 - 0,24 l/h
Nominal power consumption control range
14 - 29 W
2,6 kg
L x W x H (mm)
317 x 120 x 121 mm
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