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Kubota engine base

This Nanni Diesel 4 cylinder marine engine which incorporates the latest Kubota innovations, is particularly well suited for displacement vessels and sailing yachts.
Nanni Diesel has forged a strong partnership with Kubota. Kubota engines are known for their robust design and ensure great reliability and excellent longevity.
Experience and know-how of the Nanni Diesel engineers resulted in the latest marinization developments which benefit the N4.40. The heat exchanger ensures an ideal temperature management of the engine even during heavy duty operation.
Reliability and low maintenance cost are warranted by the timing gear and other solid designs of the robust Kubota engine base.

Environmental-Tri Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS)
The N4.40 is equipped with the E-TVCS combustion and injection system which considerably reduces particulate emission and smoke while dramatically improving fuel effi ciency.
Comfort of use
Its low rated speed of 2800 rpm coupled with powerful cylinder capacity gives the N4.40 ample power for all navigation conditions.
Protecting the environment
The N4.50 complies with the most stringent emission regulations in the world: EU-RCD, US-EPA and BSO.



Rated power* (kw/hp): 29.4/40
Rated RPM* (rpm): 2800
Displacement (cm3/in3): 1999/121.99
Number of cylinders: 4 in line
Bore & Stroke (mm): 83 x 92.4/3.26 x 3.63
Combustion system: Indirect (E-TVCS)
Intake: Naturally aspirated
Cooling : Closed cooling with heat exchanger
Dry weight with TMC60 (kg/lb): 228/503
Dry weight with Sail Drive (kg/lb): 250/551
* At engine flywheel, according to ISO 8665-1

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