Marine Engineering Services
Fischer Panda 4200 Mini Plus
100% Fresh Water-Cooled (Ignition Protected for gas boat applications)
As with all Fischer Panda Generators, the Panda 4200 Plus comes standard with 100% water-cooled,cooling for both the engine and the asynchronous generators built for marine applications. Fischer Panda is the only company to build generators with a 100% 25 fresh water-cooled asynchronous electric plant. This feat of engineering provides distinct advantages over air-cooled generators in size, weight, noise, fuel efficiency and performance.[/tippy] cooling for both the engine and the asynchronous electrical end. This robust little Fischer Panda 4200 Plus is driven by the reliable Farymann single cylinder diesel engine and produces a powerful 34 amps (maximum load). Operating at a noise level below 54 dBa @ 7 meters, this fierce competitor is no loud mouth. It is powerful enough to simultaneously start and run a 16,000 and 12,000 BTU air conditioner. Weighing in at a mere 230 lbs, the Panda 4 Plus is ideal for compact installations on sailboats or smaller gas or diesel powered powerboats.

Due to our continual product development, we reserve the right to alter any specifications without warning. All ratings refer to air and water temperature of 20°. De-rating at 1% approx. every 100m altitude and 2% approx. every 5°C air-temperature above 20°C and 2% approx. every 1°C water-temperature above 20°C.
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