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Fischer Panda 20 DP
100% Fresh Water-Cooled (Ignition Protected for gas boat applications)Comes standard with an auto-start feature
When building a fully loaded custom dream boat that needs plenty of power but not the weight and size of the heavier 1800 rpm generator packages, look no further then our marine Fischer Panda 20 DP which weighs in at about 895 lbs. With the reliability of the freshwater cooled Kubota V1305 four cylinder diesel engine, our technically advanced 100% freshwater-cooled, asynchronous generator end, Voltage Control System (VCS), which stabilizes voltage within a range of plus/minus 3 volts and aluminum sound capsule, the Fischer Panda 20 DP gives both peace of mind and superior performance. With its amazing 180 amps at 120 volts, light weight and fuel efficiency the Fischer Panda 20 DP, not only do we out perform our competitors, we leave them speechless. Operating at a noise level rating of 55 dBa @ 7 meters, this marine generator is the most powerful generator you will never hear. – We leave them blowing air.
Fischer Panda Generators Digital Panel (DP) generators feature a smart panel diagnostics system that continuously monitors all functions.

Due to our continual product development, we reserve the right to alter any specifications without warning. All ratings refer to air and water temperature of 20°. De-rating at 1% approx. every 100m altitude and 2% approx. every 5°C air-temperature above 20°C and 2% approx. every 1°C water-temperature above 20°C.

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